for all roles + experience levels

Whether its new employees just getting started or experienced team members in the oil field, TBG provides industry approved apparel and gear to meet the demands of the toughest jobs. In extreme heat or extemely cold conditions, TBG has your entire team covered.

fr gear simplified

  • safety

    From the oil field to the executive office, rest assured every product TBG offers is approved to meet the safety standards + regulatories for the Oil & Gas Industry.

  • Product Selection

    Fire Resistant + Flame Retardant Coveralls, Button Up Shirts, Jackets + More for Both Men & Women make TBG I FR a one-stop solution for all your team's FR needs.

  • comfort + style

    It's important to have products that are battle tested and of the highest quality, but must also pass the comfort test, yet still versatile enough for work and play.

providing solutions to the Oil + gas industry

reduce your risk

Avoid the risk of injury from an on the job accident + offering only OSHA certified garments reduces regulatory exposure.

reduce your annual spend

TBG offers high quality products that over the course of the year will help to save your company hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Avoid Rigid contracts

It's no secret the excess suprises + charges come from being locked into a rigid rental contract. With TBG you choose what works best for you, providing flexibility + versatility to how you navigate an ever-changing environment.

gain valuable insight

With the click of a button, improve overall visibilty into current expenditures allocated to outfitting your team, plus the ability to forecast upcoming costs, obtain real-time and historical data and create administrative efficiencies.

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