Benefits of Buying

Cost Effective

Avoid the obscure add-on fees that rental programs charge and purchase what your team needs when they need it.

No Long-Term Contracts

Your business changes over time and as a result, your needs do as well. Enjoy peace of mind by not being locked into a rigid contract and let TBG develop + grow a tailored program to your ever-changing needs.


TBG offers a robust FR product offering including practical workwear, hi-vis + everyday comfort solutions.


Point and Click ordering with corporate approved items shipped directly to team members + real-time monitoring, historical data and flexible invoicing.

Rental programs

On paper, Rental Programs can be enticing for some teams, however, often times, there is more than meets the eye and the feedback TBG consistently receives from those organizations that make the switch to purchasing Fire Resistant gear is that in addition to the long-term contract, they also experience many hidden costs, poor service and products that simply don't work for their team and the cost to break a length rental contract ,can significantly impact your bottom line.

experience FR gear the tbg way

TBG eliminates frustrations associated with rental programs and focuses on solutions to help each specific team. There is not a blanket approach to outfitting groups and TBG takes great pride in solving problems and alleviating exisitng pain points. TBG offers a vast product mix, a streamlined approach to getting the product into the hands of employees, a very clean and simple pricing model, all which create a superior experience with a simple goal in mind; To support + grow with your team over time.

  • experience + service

    An unrivaled experience for all users with on-site fitting, point and click ordering, real-time reporting and the TBG supporting you and your team throughout the entire process.

  • cost savings

    TBG clients have experienced significant annual savings when compared to costs associated with a previous rental contract. Get clear + consistent program pricing with no hidden costs with TBG.

  • gain efficiency + output

    Reduce time spent on outfitting your team and the administrative and accounting effort associated with doing so and turn your attention to what matters most; growing your business.

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